Own, Control & Instantly Share Data Privately and Securely​

IronWeave’s patented multi-blockchain fabric is revolutionizing data exchange and storage

IronWeave’s Revolutionary Blockchain Technology Platform

Our patented multi-blockchain fabric with independently encrypted shared blocks offers unparalleled privacy, security, and scalability. 

IronWeave is not just advancing blockchain technology, it is enabling a future where digital trust and efficiency improve industries and lives.


Each block contains hashes from each participant’s prior block and is fortifiable with quantum-resistant encryption.


Each unit of data is stored in a separate block that functions like a separate vault. You decide whom you share data with.


Parallel block creation enables millions of transactions per second and instant settlement, redefining what's possible.

Why IronWeave: Data and Payment Systems are Vulnerable

  • A new breach occurs every 30 seconds
  • Cybercrime caused $8 trillion in reported losses in 2023
  • Billions of records are breached each year
  • Monolithic blockchains are transparent at the cost of privacy
$ 0
Trillion Lost
1 +
Breaches Per Year
$ 0
Trillion Lost
1 +
Breaches Per Year

A New Era Requires New Solutions

Market Demands


Private, secure, fast, global transaction and settlement capabilities.

Stablecoin issuance

Private transactions to gain adoption outside of Web3.


Projected to reach $190bn by 2025 will require, robust privacy infrastructure.


Centralized data lakes

Insufficient security and data control allows one breach to give full hacker access.

TradFi systems

Slow, expensive, and geographically limited.

Monolithic blockchains

Lacking in privacy, speed, and scalability.

IronWeave: Solving the blockchain trilemma by redefining what is possible and opening new horizons for innovation

Instant Settlement
1 +
Transactions Per Second
Instant Settlement
1 +
Transactions Per Second

IronWeave: The New Data Primitive
Read, Write, Own, and Secure Your Data









Data is READ-only, partitioned, not interactive


Social media, e-commerce, online databases, mobile

Big tech/finance centralize, control, exploit data


Monolithic blockchains

Hacks proliferate, no privacy, AI threats


Multi-blockchain fabric, shared-block architecture

Private interactions on decentralized network

The Evolution to IronWeave


  • Centralized storage exploitation
  • Insufficient protection
  • Access control
  • Scalable and fast


  • Decentralized
  • Transaction transparency
  • No access control
  • Not scalable and slow


  • Exponential decentralization
  • Individually secured and quantum resistant
  • Granular access control
  • Scalable and fast

Seamless and secure data exchanges between participating chains

In an IronWeave interaction (message, file share, payment), multiple blockchains synchronize their states to create an independently encrypted shared block. This shared block is placed on each participating chain and is accessible only by the involved participants.

Example use case:

True innovation means doing new things in a fundamentally better way. IronWeave is revolutionizing the way we own, control and share data.

Unleashing the Power of Private Transactions in a Public World

Our Products

IronWeave's multi-blockchain fabric

Groundbreaking and patented multi-blockchain fabric revolutionizes data security and scalability.

  • Independent Encrypted Blocks: Each unit of data is securely encrypted with unique keys, ensuring unparalleled data privacy and protection.
  • Customizable Encryption: Protects your data against future quantum threats with advanced encryption techniques.
  • High Throughput: Capable of handling millions of transactions per second, ensuring efficient and rapid data processing without compromising security.

Private Payments DApp

Enables private, secure, compliant exchange of payment data at scale. Demonstrates IronWeave's unique capabilities. Leverages the following software patterns.

  • Messaging / File Sharing: Ensures your communications are confidential and tamper-proof including immutable file storage and sharing.
  • Payments: Enables fast, secure, and private financial transactions. Payment details are kept confidential.
  • Exchange: Enables the secure and private exchange of digital assets. Swap transactions are conducted with full privacy.

By open-sourcing these patterns, we empower developers to create robust, privacy-centric applications.

Empowering Businesses and Developers

IronWeave's open developer platform accelerates your blockchain integration with unmatched ease and security. Leverage our suite of smart contracts, APIs, and SDKs to quickly and securely harness the global potential of blockchain technology.

APIs and SDKs

Quickly get up and running. APIs for programmable on chain transactions, storage, and beyond.

Web3 Service

Sample applications demonstrate best practices on IronWeave for secure messaging, private payments, file and data storage, and more.

Key Innovations

Transformative Innovations. Privacy, Security, and Scalability

Access Control

You have the authority to decide whom you interact with. Establish connections and transactions with trusted entities, ensuring that your data and transactions remain secure.


Millions of transactions per second for each managed node, making IronWeave one of the most scalable blockchain platforms.

Instant Settlement

Fast transaction finality enables low latency in transaction processing, making IronWeave suitable for time-sensitive applications, such as high-frequency trading, AI, and IoT.

Private and Secure

Only the creators of a block are aware of its existence. Each block functions like a separate bank vault, independently encrypted and accessible only by key holders.

Quantum Resistance

Any type of encryption can be used to secure a block, including quantum protection, to help future proof your application.


Modular and composable, enabling simplified API integration with existing systems. Programmable transactions with enhanced security and flexibility, supporting a wide range of applications.

IronWeave is the Essential Infrastructure for our AI Driven Future

AI Economies

Facilitates seamless and secure payments and data interactions between autonomous AI agents. Supports AI-driven marketplaces for data, services, and digital goods

Governance & Compliance

A secure platform for tracking AI model development, training, and deployment. Ensures compliance and accountability through immutable records.

Personal AI Assistants

Empowers secure and private interactions for AI personal assistants. Enhances user trust with data ownership and control over personal AI interactions.

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